What (didn’t) happen in 2013

January 2nd, 2014

Looking back at KeeWeed’s activity of last year, I feel a bit ashamed. It’s not much.
But… maybe, it only doesn’t look like much.

To start positive, I joined the Global Game Jam 2013 and had a lot of fun. Our game ‘B-minus 50’ was even declared winner of the Amsterdam location. I’ve also made great progress with Kill2Kill, which is really close to alpha now. No, I didn’t finish it in 2013, as I hoped for. But I got my experimental mechanic working (more about that soon!) and even added some features that I didn’t came up with when I started (like online highscores).
2013 was also the year of endings. Both XNA and Xblig died. I really liked XNA and I just cannot understand this move from Microsoft. It also means Kill2Kill won’t be available on Xblig. I’m sorry for those that hoped for playing it on their Xbox360. But it’s time to move on now.

So, 2014! That will be a year of starts. First, I decided to finally switch to Unity3D as primary development tool. I’m very excited to try their recently-added native 2D support. When Kill2Kill alpha is released, I will port it to Unity. Not looking forward to that particular bit, but hey, it will be worth it! With Kill2Kill running in Unity, all kinds of platforms become possible. I’m particularly interested in Ouya, but I’m also very curious what more 2014 will bring for the console-developing indie.
Damn, now that I think of it, this could be my year!

Lights, blood and explosions

November 1st, 2013

At work, we were given 24 hours to work on something of our own choice. Of course, I choose Kill2Kill. It was like a mini game jam and it was very exciting! I set out to turn the prototypisch looks of Kill2Kill into something more spectacular.
Check out the result:

Kill2Kill single player video

September 21st, 2013

Besides switching jobs, moving to a new place and going on vacation, I found some time to work on Kill2Kill. And I just (kind of) finished the enemy AI! This will be the core of the single-player and co-op modes. The graphics are still placeholders, but I hope you can see the fun of playing this game!

Next: a playable alpha!