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Path of Adventure is a text-based RPG, for mobile. A game made out of words and choices. Words to guide your imagination, choices to test your wits and tactics. It’s a game about a young adventurer and a world of secrets. Grow your character and go on quests, each leading you on a unique path along traps, treasures, monsters and magic. This game differs from interactive fiction by focusing on gameplay. Story is an important element, but a supporting one. Neither is it a classic text-adventure, with their often frustrating interpreter. This game is best described as a Roguelite, including (soft) permadeath, procedurally generated dungeons and an emphasis on turn-based combat and exploration. Finally, the game has a casual playing style. Targeting mobile, it is designed for short intensive runs that can be abandoned at any time. It is fast and easy to start with, welcoming players new to the RPG genre. Path of Adventure is the game that will put text-based games back on the map!


After about 15 years of developing weird looking games, Keeweed realized he's not much of an artist. But he likes writing and so he started exploring text-based games, leading to something interesting. A text-based RPG, for mobile. Keeweed sees potential and decides to finally do it, to quit his job and go indie full-time. The game in question is called Path of Adventure and is currently being developed.


  • Text-based & gameplay focussed
  • An ever changing open world to explore
  • Turn-based tactical combat
  • Traps, treasures, magic and monsters


There are currently no trailers available for Path of Adventure. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!




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About Keeweed

Keeweed is independent game developer Jordin Kee, ever growing games.

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Jordin Kee
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