Path of Adventure

Are you ready to fight monsters, crawl dungeons and hoard treasures? Then take the Path of Adventure! Follow it to the end and reveal the mystery…

Play the game here!

Dungeon crawling in Path of Adventure

Words and choices

This is a game of words and choices. Submerge into a world of fantasy and decide how you want to act. Will you enter the skull-cave? When to use magic? And what to buy from the merchant?

Gameplay first

Don’t let all those words fool you – this is a true game! It requires wits and tactics; and some luck. It features:

  • Turn-based combat
  • Procedurally generated dungeons
  • Permadeath
  • Loads of weapons, items and monsters
  • 5 unique playable characters

Easy to learn

Never played a game like this before? Perfect! Just start with the tutorial and continue your way. The intuitive interface and the simple, yet deep mechanics will teach you all you need to know.

Try it now!

Play the demo in your browser, or download the game on your mobile device:

6 Responses to “Path of Adventure

  1. Russell says:

    First, I’m obsessed with the game, but the problem I’m having is that I’ve been scouring the internet for simple info, like what certain artifacts do, whether the Eagle Tome last the whole last turn through the castle or not, simple things like this… Can you please put a wiki page up so I, and others, can know the basics? Thank you. I couldn’t find anywhere good to post this, so here’s where I chose. Sorry… GREAT FUCKING GAME!

  2. Templar says:

    Having fun and liking the vibe. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Jordin Kee says:

      Awesome! Thanks for playing!

      • Nova_Harts says:

        Awsome game the choice of little humour in it makes it 10x better. Would love to see more combat variety, more weapons, monsters and maybe even ranged weapons? Have the chance to find the same knight again and give better rewards for finding the same knight?

        Another would be to have random generated cave systems that have only goblins? Or other monsters.

        Love the game Keeweed.