The Fishbowl

The Fishbowl is a canceled project. It was a physics-based platformer where the 2D levels form a 3D cube. My ambition was to turn it into a puzzle platformer, a bit in the style of the classic Prince of Persia games, with a strong narrative side-story. But I couldn’t get the gameplay right.
I might pick it up again sometime, because I feel connected to it somehow, but I don’t know when.

5 Responses to “The Fishbowl”

  1. Stephan says:

    FedEx day?

  2. Stephan says:

    skip to 1:30 for the good stuff

  3. Stephan says:

    I agree that something’s missing but it looks awesome.
    Love the way it feels like a distorted dream, almost david lynch-like.

    What if you take it in a survival horror direction…
    change the art style with background imagery so it looks more detailed and there’s something to explore. Like a mansion where you have to search the entire place for clues to a mystery.

    Also, what if you add a villain who occasionally showes up and chases you around the level.

    basically… like clocktower on acid with crazy physics 😀

  4. Martin says:

    Seems cool and 3D-ish 😉

    I’m thinking of a 3D maze or pacman kinda gameplay when I see this!