“Speedrun for Arabian Nights 2D”

Found a hilarious “Speedrun” for my old game Arabian Nights today. As it was Prince of Persia inspired (and partly stolen, I have to admit), it got listed on the Prince of Persia Unofficial Website.
It’s mainly about how to avoid the bugs in the game 🙂

Great read with lines like:

Take the sword one screen more to the left, if you want, but that would be ridiculous, because the guards actually don’t awake. Anyway, climb up to the highmost level, press the switch and make your way as fast as possible to the other room, because it could be, that the guard really awakes.


And I don’t think the movement sucks, the sword sucks! You don’t even need it! The guards almost never awake (unless you’re as slow as a grandma) and at the 2nd guard, if you’re right before the spikes, you can’t even shoot!

But honestly, I’m kinda flattered. It’s pretty cool that people take the time to try and write about a speedrun, in a game filled with bugs. It’s the kind of thing that keeps you going. So, thanks Maurice Kaltofen! I hope you enjoyed it 😉

Arabian Nights

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