Kill2Kill is an upcoming platform shooter. Players go down in battle bunkers deep underground to kill to kill. Every man for himself or a team of killers versus a horde of mutants. Local multiplay, singleplay, online highscores and lots of unnecessary violence.

What makes Kill2Kill unique is the 45 degrees auto-aim mechanic. Characters aim at their closest enemy automatically, but only as far as the best of 8 directions. This way players can fully focus on their movement and further develop tactics.

Download Kill2Kill alpha (for Windows)

Kill2Kill alpha features:

  • Single player + local multiplayer 2-4 players
  • Deathmatch + Coop
  • Online highscores

Kill2Kill alpha Deathmatch Kill2Kill alpha Monsterkill

2 Responses to “Kill2Kill

  1. Jake D says:

    I used to be a fan of your original GmG version back 8 – 10 years ago. Nice to see youve updated a little bit since then, thought you abandonded the project completely, glad you didn’t. I like to get into programming myself (script, not DnD) would you be willing to work on a project game for the hell of it, something fun simple adventure action. hit me up

    • Jordin Kee says:

      It’s great to still receive comments so many years after I made that game. I’d never imagined that. You should definitely get into game development! There’s so many ways to learn how and make games and the feeling of finishing a game and see people play it is downright awesome.
      Thanks for the offer, I would have seriously considered it if it wasn’t for the game I’m working on now. Its a text adventure/rpg game in fact. Will post something about it soon.