HyperDodge SpaceStuff

Dodge and fire your way through waves of spacey rocks in this smooth-controlled action game! How long can you survive?

Windows Phone 7:


Web (Silverlight):
At Mashooo

If you need inspiration:

I made this game primarily to try out the FlatSilverBall engine, a version of FlatRedBall (http://www.flatredball.com) that uses the SilverSprite lib to make XNA-based games run in SilverLight. It worked pretty good.

HyperDodge Zer0-button

HyperDodge Zer0-button is a modification where all input consists of bare mouse movement; there is no button to be pressed in the entire game! I made this to enter the Experimental Gameplay Project, where the month’s theme was to design a game with zero buttons.

The laser now fires every 2 seconds. This creates a timing challenge which is quite fun once you get the hang of it.

Try it now at GameJolt

HyperDodge Android

HyperDodge SpaceStuff was ported to Android by two friends of mine (Jeffrey Klardie and Erik Wallentinsen) and myself. We managed to get it done in just a weekend. Featuring Tilt Control, Touch Control and Online Scoreboards.

Get it now from the Market.

HyperDodge WP7

Wouter de Vries and I also ported HyperDodge SpaceStuff over to the Windows Phone 7. This version is almost identical to the Zer0-button version of the original and is my favorite. Because this was just a matter of upgrading the version of XNA and the FlatRedBall engine, and some tweaking to make it work on the phone, we did it in a couple of Thursday-evenings after work. Finally enjoying the power of XNA!

Get it now from the Marketplace.

3 Responses to “HyperDodge SpaceStuff”

  1. Saga says:

    Any update on HyperDodge, or was it just an try?

  2. Martin says:

    Nice! But where’s the music??