Kill2Kill prototype video

I’ve got some old news and some new news. Let’s get started with the old news…

Back in January I joined the Global Game Jam. It was a great success! I had a lot of fun (in between the hard working) and our game ‘B-minus 50‘ did not only get finished, it was pretty fun to play too and a professional jury declared it the best game at the Amsterdam site!
You can download B-Minus 50 here.

So, on with the new news! I’ve been working on another sequel of the old ‘Kill to Kill‘, this time called Kill2Kill. I’ve made some changes to the design, most notably a complete new way of aiming. I call it the MYATA mechanic (Move Your Ass To Aim). It basically means the characters auto-aim at the nearest opponent, but limited to 8 directions. This way you aim by moving and you can focus on moving entirely.
Other changes are the single screen view and support for up to 4 players! Check out the video and let me know what you think. All feedback is welcome! Thanks!

2 Responses to “Kill2Kill prototype video”

  1. Hugo says:

    Hehe, Jordin cool to see Keeweed is still alive and kicking! As for your MYATA gameplay, I’m afraid it will be a bit one-dimensional. I like the auto-aim feature, but you could also try separated movement and aiming, so I could jump left and still (auto-)aim right or up/down/left. This would work perfectly for dual stick controls of Xbox.
    Gr, Hugo

    • Jordin Kee says:

      He Hugo! It might indeed be true that with MYATA the gameplay gets too flat. Im testing and experimenting a lot to detect/prevent that (what about a playtest session at VG some time??). To clarify; you can move right while auto-aiming left. The auto-aiming is completely independent.
      It’s my personal goal to make it a single-stick shooter 😀