Sticky Bump now available!

Almost a year and a half ago, I wrote the first line of code for Sticky Bump, then called ‘CatMouseProto’. Today, it was placed on the Xbox Marketplace. I’m happy.

Download for Xbox360 (Xbox Live Indie Games)
Download for Windows (Windows XP SP2 and above)

I hope all who take it for a ride have a blasting time!

Special thanks to Wouter de Vries, Maarten Wesselius, and Daniëlle v/d Wijngaarden for their help. And cheers to everybody who joined the many playtest sessions! You’re all in the credits.


8 Responses to “Sticky Bump now available!”

  1. Bart Hufen says:

    I really LOVE this game! I played it during Indigo in Utrecht in 2012. The only thing I would change is the ‘pilon’ for something else (a girl?), since that makes more sense in that area? Picking up girls at the carnival and impressing them with your drive style is what life was all about in the nineties for me 😉

    Let me know if you want to do more work like this in the future…

    • Jordin Kee says:

      Thanks!! And yes, the game definitely lacks girls. I’m now working on a local multi-player platform shooter, called Kill2Kill. Keep an eye on the blog or like the KeeWeed facebook page to stay updated!

  2. Felipe says:

    Jordin, our web was updated and it delay a bit our works. This week or the next i’ll publish a note of your new game.

    About your question, I didn’t get your mail 🙁 Try directly to


  3. Roppy Chop says:

    Best of luck! 2-4 player games may not be the most favorable games on the marketplace, but I love them nonetheless.

  4. Felipe says:

    Congratulations! This week i’ll put in my web, I was waiting for this.

    It looks great, i’ll play.

    Good luck with your next game, I imagine that the experience will be useful.